Data Processing Services

CASS Certification (Coding Accuracy Support System)

The CASS process corrects and matches street addresses based on USPS delivery addresses. It also standardizes abbreviations such as street direction, type, etc. The process can add missing city names or Zip Codes. In addition, CASS appends Plus4 and Delivery point information to the address file. This process will qualify your mailing for the lowest automation postage discount possible.

NCOA (National Change of Address)
The NCOA process compares your delivery addresses to the UPSP National Change of Address database. The process automaticly usdatres your file and we send you a separate file of the changed addresses for your records. NCOA save your postage dollars by insuring that your mailing is delivered to the intended recpients. Additionally, this process meets the move USPS update requirement.

Often times multiple lists must be merged together to form one mailing list. These lists can come from different sources and usually have different layouts. Eazy can formulate a common layout which fits all of the lists and combine them into one list. Extranious data which is not pertinant to the mailing can be purged from the list or kept for future use.

Often merging different mailing lists produce duplicate records within the database. Even singular databases can contain duplicate records due to name abreviations and miskeyed entries. Our software uses advanced algorrithems to allow us to remove duplicate records, giving us the flexibility to send only one piece of mail to each person or one piece to each household.

Data Entry
Databases need to grow. Written names and addresses collected from various sources can easily be keyed into one database. Records can be coded as to their source and sersonal information such as dates, giving history, etc. can also be included. Once your database is in electronic format, it can be easily updated and maintained.